About us

I'm Tom Boggan and I joined the team at Centre Paws Norfolk as assistant manager in the Blackberry Tearoom when it opened in June 2018.

I'd been wanting to get alpacas for years and the opportunity to rent a paddock came up on the farm right next to the cafe so I jumped at the chance and brought my first three alpacas - Carlos, Diego and Bruno.

Then I was able to bring Clifton and Galahad to join them.  They are already experienced trekkers so they are happy to be led on walks.

I have since trained Carlos to join them and he is now one of my best trekkers! During 202o I have acquired 3 more boys Denver, Franco and Franco's dad Gulliver. Franco and Denver were 6months old when they joined us at Wymondham so they are now starting their training to join the trekking team.

Diego is retired so just lives his best life roaming round the paddock and Bruno is not so keen on wearing a halter at the moment - but I am working on him!

They are lovely animals, very calm and gentle and have their own distinct personalities.

They are quite easy to look after but they do like their home comforts and like to get out of the rain in their shelter.

They are very inquisitive and have become quite unphased by the dogs that visit Centre Paws - as long as they stay the other side of the fence!

I have attended an alpaca husbandry course at Burnt Fen in Norfolk learning day to day care, shelter, fencing, general health, handling and training as well as a shearing course at Hilly Ridge Alpacas. 

Tom Hay Day.jpg

"Had a superb afternoon tea followed by walking the alpacas. The afternoon tea was amazing: all home cooked, loads of food, lovely presentation, meat eaters, veggies and gluten free all equally well catered for! As always everyone went above and beyond to make us all welcome and ensure we had a wonderful time.
Then walking Tom's alpacas, who are so friendly and such fun to walk with. And all in a lovely rural location, not 5 mins from Wymondham. Well done to the Centre Paws team. A very special birthday celebration, and the 6 year old to the 71 year old had an amazing time."