Felted Ornaments

We are pleased to now have felted products available to purchase! All our products are hand made using our very own beautiful alpaca fleece from the Wymondham Alpacas. 

We have small dogs, Alpacas, badgers, rabbits, Key rings, Baubles, The very popular Christmas pudding Bauble, Bird nesters and more!


All the products can be made for you personally with your own choice of colours or we have a great variety already available.


Although we have tried to concentrate on a few different types of popular animals we have had personnel commissions and been asked to make new animals from teddy bears to your own dog! We always like a challenge but cant promise it will look exactly like your beloved pet (We're not that good) but will try our best! Our big products stand 8 inches tall and are perfect as a ornament for round the house or on your kids window sill! 

Gift Vouchers

Our Alpaca experience Vouchers are the perfect gift for any occasion! So if your looking to get that special someone the experience of a lifetime, you cant get much better than a trip to Wymondham Alpacas to meet all of our gorgeous boys! 





If your interested in a felted product or gift voucher please just get in touch via our how to book page where you can send us a message. 

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